National Human Rights Commission

The real test of the rights given by any constitution is in their actual implementation. The poor, illiterate and the deprived sections of the society must be able to exercise their rights. Independent organisations like the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) or People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) have been working as watchdogs against the violations … Continue reading National Human Rights Commission


Right To Constitutional Remedies

One would agree that Indian Constitution contains a very impressive list of Fundamental Rights. But merely writing down a list of rights is not enough. There has to be a way through which they could be realized in practice and defended against any attack on these rights. What can an individual do if one or more … Continue reading Right To Constitutional Remedies

Cultural And Educational Rights

Articles In The Constitution (29 – 30) When we talk of the Indian society, the image of diversity comes before our minds. India is not made up of a monolithic society. We are a society that has vast diversity. In such a society that is full of diversity, there would be social sections which are small in numbers … Continue reading Cultural And Educational Rights

Right To Freedom Of Religion

India is a multi-religious state. Besides Hindus, there are Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and many others residing in our country. The Constitution guarantees to every person freedom of conscience and the right to practice and propagate any religion, i.e., everyone enjoys the right to follow the religion of his or her choice. This freedom is considered as … Continue reading Right To Freedom Of Religion

Right Against Exploitation

Articles In The Constitution (23 – 24) In India there are millions of people who are underprivileged and deprived. They may be subjected to exploitation by their fellow human beings. One such form of exploitation in our country has been begar or forced labour without payment. Another closely related form of exploitation is buying and selling of … Continue reading Right Against Exploitation

Right To Freedom

Freedom is the basic characteristic of a true democracy. Equality and freedom or liberty, are the two rights that are most essential to a democracy. It is not possible to think of the one without thinking of the other. Liberty means freedom of thought, expression and action. However it does not mean freedom to do anything that … Continue reading Right To Freedom

Right To Equality

Contents Introduction Equality Before Law No Discrimination Equality Of Opportunity Abolition Of Untouchability Abolition Of Titles Articles In The Constitution (14 – 18) .. Introduction Right to Equality - means that all citizens enjoy equal privileges and opportunities; tries to do away with discrimination's of various kinds. .. Equality Before Law According to the Constitution, … Continue reading Right To Equality