Critical Nouns

Contents Alliteration Analogy Argument Central/Main Idea Conclusions Connections Connotative/Figurative Language Details Evidence Illustrations Metaphor & Simile Point of View Rhetoric Stanza Structure Theme Tone and Mood .. Alliteration Definition words in a row with the same initial consonant sound. Jingle Alliteration allows a sound, To actually astound !! Betty Botter bought some butter, but, she … Continue reading Critical Nouns


Critical Verbs

Contents Analyze Articulate Cite Compare/Contrast Comprehend Delineate Demonstrate Describe Determine Develop Distinguish Draw Evaluate Explain Identify Infer Integrate Interpret Locate Organize Refer Retell Suggest Summarize/Paraphrase Support Synthesize Trace .. Analyze Definition break something down into its parts The scientists analyzed the formula and discovered that the ingredients are water and sodium. Synonyms examine, study, scrutinize, … Continue reading Critical Verbs


Phobia (noun) - An extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. ‘she suffered from a phobia about birds’ Synonyms - abnormal fear, irrational fear, obsessive fear, fear, dread, horror, terror, dislike, hatred, loathing, detestation, distaste, aversion, antipathy, revulsion, repulsion. .. Phobia Type Phobia Name air travel aerophobia american people and things americophobia animals zoophobia … Continue reading Phobias


Basic Vocabulary Lists Class 1 – List 1 (100 words) Class 1 – List 2 (100 words) Class 2 – List 1 (100 words) Class 2 – List 2 (100 words) Class 3 – List 1 (100 words) Class 3 – List 2 (100 words) Class 4 (100 words) Class 5 (125 words) Class 6 … Continue reading Vocabulary

Vocabulary – Class 12 – List 2

adulation effusive libertarian peripatetic scintilla algorithm elegy lugubrious philanderer scintillate amalgam enmity macrobiotics philistine scrivener amortize epochal malevolent philology secede anachronistic eurythmics masochist phlegmatic secular apocryphal evanescent matriculate polemic senescent apotheosis extemporaneous mawkish polemical solecism bane extenuate meretricious precipitous solipsism bastion frenzied morose predicate somnolent billet grandiloquence multifarious predictive spurious bludgeon heretic mutability predilection staccato … Continue reading Vocabulary – Class 12 – List 2

Vocabulary – Class 12 – List 1

ablution depose insuperable panoply reminiscence abnegate deprecate insurgent pastiche saccharine abstemious derogate insurrection patrimony sectarian adulterate devout internecine percipient seismology alchemy diabolical intrepid pertinacious seminal antediluvian disapprobation inure perturbation serendipity ante-penultimate disparage invalidate plethora sinecure anthropomorphic disparity inveigh polyglot somnambulist banter eclectic investiture polyphony sophist blandishment effulgent irrevocable ponderous stupefy bourgeois equanimity kiosk pontificate suave … Continue reading Vocabulary – Class 12 – List 1

Vocabulary – Class 11 – List 2

apostate exigent inimical privation assuage exorcise iniquity probity benchmark exude interlocutor propinquity blandish fanaticism interpose pugilism centripetal foment interregnum pulchritude circuitous forbearance jurisprudence quaternary conglomerate forensic magnanimous quintessence conjure funereal magnate quixotic coterie gall mendacious raconteur countervail gradation monastic renascent ctenoid hegemony obsequies resplendent debased heinous opalescent sententious demarcation heterodox pandemic suffragist depravity iconoclasm paradigm … Continue reading Vocabulary – Class 11 – List 2