RBI – Financial Education

RBI – Financial Education Initiative .. Basic Banking Raju and The Money Tree Money Kumar & The Monetary Policy Old Man Monetary Raju and The Skyladder Raju and The Magical Goat Money Kumar and Caring for Currency Raju and The Friendly ATM Raju and The Debit Card .. For Trainers Financial Literacy Guide Financial Diary … Continue reading RBI – Financial Education


Financial Markets

Financial Market Money Market Capital Market Stock Exchange National Stock Exchange Of India Over The Counter Exchange Of India Securities And Exchange Board Of India .. . . . . . . . .

Government & Open Economy

The Government : Functions And Scope Government Budget Structure Of Budget Types Of Budget Types Of Budget Deficit & Deficit Financing Budgetary Policy (Fiscal Policy) Components Of The Government Budget The Revenue Account The Capital Account Measures Of Government Deficit Fiscal Policy .. Open Economy Balance Of Payments (BoP) | Surplus And Deficit Foreign Exchange … Continue reading Government & Open Economy

Money And Banking

Barter System Money & Its Functions / Functions Of Money Demand For Money The Transaction Motive The Speculative Motive The Supply Of Money / Measures Of Money Supply In India Legal Definitions : Narrow And Broad Money Money Creation By The Banking System Commercial Bank Credit Creation By Commercial Bank Central Bank Instruments Of Monetary … Continue reading Money And Banking

National Income Accounting

National Income And Related Aggregates Meaning Of Income Basis Economic Activities & Terms Circular Flow Of Income Concepts Related To National Income Domestic (Economic) Territory & Normal Resident Intermediate Goods & Final Goods Value Of Output & Value Added Market Price & Factor Cost Domestic Territory vs National Income National Income As Aggregate Of Factor … Continue reading National Income Accounting

Macroeconomics Introduction

Macroeconomics Introduction Introduction Emergence Of Macroeconomics Capitalist Context Of Macroeconomics Basic Concepts Of Macroeconomics .. . . . . . . . .

Development Experiences Of India : A Comparison With Neighbours

Comparative Development Experiences Of India And Its Neighbours Developmental Path – A Snapshot View Demographic Indicators Gross Domestic Product And Sectors Indicators Of Human Development Development Strategies – An Appraisal .. . . . . . . . .