Lodi Dynasty (1451–1526)



Bahlol Lodi (AD 1451–1489)

With the help of a few nobles Bahlol Lodi (AD 1451–1489) took charge of the army, and became the Sultan. Thus he laid the foundation of Lodi dynasty whose rulers were Afghans. The Lodis were the last ruling family of the Sultanate period and the first to be headed by the Afghans.

Sultan Bahlol Lodi was a capable general. He was aware of the fact that to establish his control over Sultanate he would require help and support of Afghan nobles. The Afghan nobles wanted Sultan to treat them as an equal partner rather than an absolute monarch. To placate them Bahlol publicly declared that he considered himself one of the Afghan peers and not the king. He did not sit on the throne nor did he insist on his nobles standing in his court. This policy worked well throughout his long reign and he did not face any trouble from his powerful Afghan nobles.

  • Bahlol Lodi successfully suppressed the revolts in Mewat and Doab.
  • In AD 1476 he defeated the Sultan of Jaunpur and annexed it to Delhi Sultanate.
  • He also brought the ruler of Kalpi and Dholpur under the Suzerainty of Delhi.
  • However, he failed to reoccupy Bengal, Gujarat and the Deccan.


Sikandar Lodi (AD 1489–1517)

After the dealth of Bahlol Lodi, Sikandar Lodi (AD 1489–1517) ascended the throne. Sikandar Lodi showed little tolerance towards the non-Muslims. He re-imposed jaziya on non-Muslims.

Sikandar Lodi believed in the superior position of the Sultan vis-a-vis the nobles. He compelled nobles and amirs to show formal respect to the Sultan in darbar and outside and treated them harshly. He re-annexed Bihar, Dholpur, Narwar and some parts of the kingdom of Gwalior and Nagor to the Delhi Sultanate.


Ibrahim Lodi (AD 1517–1526)


After the death of Sikandar Lodi in AD 1517 his nobles helped Ibrahim Lodi to become Sultan. His reign proved a period of revolts.

  • Firstly his own brother Jalal Khan rebelled. Sultan Ibrahim Lodi got him murdered.
  • Bihar declared its independence.
  • Daulat Khan the governor of Punjab also rebelled. Sultan’s behaviour caused much dissatisfaction. The rebellions Daulat Khan sent an invitation to Babur at Kabul to invade India. Babur defeated Sultan Ibrahim Lodi in AD 1526 in the battle at Panipat.




Bibliography : NIOS – Medieval India

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