Newspaper : Must Read & Questions : 2017-05-31

The Hindu

  • Thought for food
    • Discuss the measures needed to attain the Target 3 for the Sustainable Development Goal.
  • Don’t tax the tiller
    • Implementing an agricultural tax would further worsen the plight of the farmers in India. Critically examine.
  • GST no panacea
    • Does rolling out of GST beneficial in Indian context. Discuss the criticism it has received.
  • Monsoon’s here
    • What is the correlation among El-Nino, La-Nina and drought in the Indian Landscape. What is the way out to mitigate their impact.
  • Question of public trust
    • Zika outbreak has shined an unflattering light on the quality of health reporting in India. Does it raise any ethical concern? Examine.

Business Line

  • Exam blues
  • Enumerate the merits and demerits of ‘Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation’ (CCE) Grading Pattern.
  • GM mustard’s a major step forward
    • What are the criticisms received by GM technology in India? Indians rejected the GM Bt brinjal; will the same be followed in case of GM mustard? Discuss.

Indian Express

Live Mint

Rajya Sabha : Morning News Bulletins


More @ Current Affairs Daily / Current Affairs Weekly



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