Newspaper : Must Read & Questions : 2017-05-30

The Hindu

  • Beyond the language conflict
    • Which articles constitutes Part IV & Part XVII? (Reference)
    • The State’s usage of Article 348 contrasts with Article 19. Critically examine.
  • Questions that won’t go away
    • Is the army official’s action to tie a man to his jeep as a shield justified? Comment.
  • A way out for her too
    • What is triple talaq? What is Talaq-e-Sunnah?
    • What exactly is ‘instant talaq’? How is it different from Talaq-e-Sunnah?
    • Can a man marry his wife after pronouncing the third talaq?
    • Do women have any right to divorce the husband in Islam?
    • Has any Islamic country taken up reforms in the practice of talaq?
    • Reference : Key Questions on Muslim Divorce Law
  • The flow of funds in India
    • What is Flow of Funds (FoF) framework? What is the difference between FoF and GDP approach? Explain.
  • Marks and standards
    • Should all state-boards too follow moderation policy? Enumerate the points in favour of you answer.

Business Line

  • Animal farm
    • Should people have a say (referendum) in policy making? Justify.
  • Time we taught farming in schools
    • Can the agricultural sector crisis be mitigated by bringing agriculture to the mainstream education? Critically comment.
  • Let there be light
    • Explain the terms : ‘Rural electrification’ & ‘Electric mobility’.
  • We must worry about State finances
    • How can GST help the State budgets in the problem of fiscal slippage?
    • What are the features of Ujwal Discom Assurance Yojna (UDAY)?
    • Differentiate between GFD & GDP ratios.

Indian Express

Live Mint

Rajya Sabha : Morning News Bulletins


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