Dry Days : A Seven Part Series On Water Scarcity In South India

Dry Days is a seven-part series that provides a detailed and uncompromising look at the harsh ongoing water scarcity crisis in the five States of south India. Even though a normal monsoon is expected, drought-like conditions have tightened their grip across rural and urban areas in this region, bringing untold hardship to the people there.

Groundwater, river basins, reservoirs, and smaller water bodies have shrunk in many places, sometimes by as much as 75%, and both people and animals are often forced to migrate to find water. In the midst of this serious situation there are some bright spots in terms of innovative irrigation methods and creative ways of conserving water.

Dry Days shines a light on these as examples that could be taken up elsewhere too, to bring succour to those in need.

Apr 27, 2017 Desperation-fuelled drilling
Apr 28, 2017 Miles to go to slake our thirst
Apr 29, 2017 Animals struggling to cope with ‘driest’ year
Apr 30, 2017 Water to the power of four
May 01, 2017 Drops of water better than the gush
May 02, 2017 Daunting water challenges across industries
May 03, 2017 Summer of dry lakes and dry throats



Courtesy of The Hindu



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