Vocabulary – Class 12 – List 1

ablution depose insuperable panoply reminiscence
abnegate deprecate insurgent pastiche saccharine
abstemious derogate insurrection patrimony sectarian
adulterate devout internecine percipient seismology
alchemy diabolical intrepid pertinacious seminal
antediluvian disapprobation inure perturbation serendipity
ante-penultimate disparage invalidate plethora sinecure
anthropomorphic disparity inveigh polyglot somnambulist
banter eclectic investiture polyphony sophist
blandishment effulgent irrevocable ponderous stupefy
bourgeois equanimity kiosk pontificate suave
cacophonous esoteric kitsch precipitate symbiosis
canonize exculpate libertine précis technocrat
catalyst exonerate litigation pre-eminent theocracy
categorical expiate malapropism premonition tonal
chimerical fortuitous martinet prepossessing torpid
cognomen gall martyr presage torsion
concomitant gluttony matrilineal prestidigitation tractable
consecrate gnostic mercurial prologue transcend
continence goad moribund promulgate tyro
contravene hapless necromancy propitiate unanimity
coquette hedonism non-sequitur propitious unconscionable
corpulence heretical novitiate proselytize unidimensional
cosset illusory numismatics protestation uninitiated
coven incarnadine omniscient protrusion unscrupulous
covert incorrigible opine puerile usury
curmudgeon inculpate ossify purgation utilitarian
demagogue incursion palaver purport verdure
denounce indubitable palliate recurrence vicissitude
denunciation infringe panacea redundancy vituperate



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