Vocabulary – Class 9 – List 2

facility haemorrhage infallible lithe nondescript
fastidious herald infamy livid oblivious
felicitous hiatus ingratiate loathe obscure
felicity hoary inhibit loutish obscurity
filch hyperbole insatiable luminary obviate
flaccid hypochondria inscrutable luminous odious
flagrant hypothermia insipid luxuriance ominous
flamboyant illimitable insolent maelstrom oracle
flounder immunological insoluble malady palatial
flout impassioned insubstantial malefactor palette
forethought impeach intimation malinger pallid
forswear impecunious intransigent mannered parch
foster implacable introspective mar pare
founder implicit invective marred parochial
frenetic importune invincible masquerade parry
furtive imposing irascible maudlin partisan
fusion impromptu jaded melancholy partisan
garish improvident jollity mirth pathogenic
garner incarcerate juncture misanthrope pedant
garrulous incarceration juxtapose missive pediment
gratis incognito juxtaposition mitigate pejorative
gratuity incoherent knave mnemonic pensive
gregarious inconsequential knell naive perfunctory
grievous indecorous lament natal personification
gross indict lamentation nebulous pervert
guile indignant lethargy nemesis phalanx
haggle inebriated licentious neutrality philanthropy
hallow inebriation lien neutralize pique
headstrong inept lionize nicety pique
heathen inevitable lissome nomenclature plenitude



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