Vocabulary – Class 8 – List 2

abatement doctrine languish stint
abdicate dub legendary strident
acumen durable liberal sublime
adherent grapple loll subside
adjunct grope lucrative succumb
aesthetic gullible luminous surpass
crusade haggard memoir susceptible
culminate haven mercenary swelter
deceptive heritage mien tedious
decipher hindrance millennium teem
decree hover minimize theme
deface humane modify tirade
defect imperative muse tract
deplore inaugurate muster transition
deploy incense sage trepidation
desist indifferent sedative turbulent
desolate infinite serene tycoon
deter instill servile ultimate
dialect institute shackle ungainly
dire intervene sleek vice versa
discern intricate spontaneous vie
disdain inventive sporadic vilify
disgruntled inventory stamina voracious
dispatch irascible stance wage
disposition jurisdiction staple wrangle



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