Vocabulary – Class 8 – List 1

abet banter crucial ferret pivotal
accord barter drone flair plausible
adept benign dumbfound flustered plunder
advocate bizarre eccentric foreboding porous
agile blasé elite forfeit preposterous
allot bonanza embargo formidable principal
aloof bountiful embark fortify prodigy
amiss cache encroach foster proficient
analogy capacious endeavour gaunt profound
anarchy caption enhance gingerly pseudonym
antics chastise enigma glut pungent
apprehend citadel epoch noteworthy rankle
ardent cite era notify rational
articulate clad eventful notorious rebuke
assail clarify evolve nurture reception
assimilate commemorate exceptional onslaught recourse
atrocity component excerpt ornate recur
attribute concept excruciating ovation renounce
audacious confiscate exemplify overt renown
augment connoisseur exotic pang revenue
authority conscientious facilitate panorama rubble
avail conservative fallacy perspective rue
avid contagious fastidious phenomenon whim
awry conventional feasible pioneer wince
balmy convey fend pithy wrath



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