Vocabulary – Class 7 – List 2

bystander deceased lethal species
candid dependent loath status
canine despondent lurk stodgy
canny detach magnetic substantial
capricious devour magnitude subtle
capsize dishearten maternal sullen
casual dismal maul supervise
casualty dismantle melancholy tamper
catastrophe distraught mellow throb
cater docile mirth toxic
chorus downright momentum tragedy
citrus illiterate mortify trickle
clamber impede mull trivial
climax implore murky uncertainty
compromise incident narrative unscathed
concur incredulous negligent upright
confront infamous nimble urgent
congested infuriate nomadic utmost
conjure insinuate quench vengeance
consult intensified saga vicious
corrupt inundate sequel vindictive
counterfeit irate sham vista
covet lavish shirk vocation
customary legacy simultaneously void
debut legitimate snare wary



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