Vocabulary – Class 7 – List 1

abate avert fruitless pending
abnormal bellow gaudy perceived
abode beseech geography perjury
abrupt bestow gratify permanent
accelerate bewilder gravity persist
acclaim bigot grim perturb
acknowledge blatant grimy pique
acquire bleak gruelling pluck
acrid braggart gruesome poised
addict brawl haggle ponder
adjacent browse headlong potential
admonish emblem hilarious predatory
affliction endure homage presume
agitate ensue homicide preview
ajar enthral hospitable prior
akin epidemic hurtle prowess
allege erode hybrid radiant
annihilate exuberant obnoxious random
anonymous fathom oration rant
antagonize feud orthodox recede
apathy figment overwhelm reprimand
arbitrate firebrand pamper resume
aspire flabbergast patronize retort
astute flagrant peevish robust
authentic flaw pelt rupture



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