Vocabulary – Class 6 – List 2

controversy duration manipulate stifle
convenient dwell marvel strive
cope idiom massive subordinate
cordial ignite maximum subsequent
cultivate immense meagre superior
cumulative improvises mere supplement
declare inept migration swarm
deluge inevitable mimic tangible
dense influence minute terminate
deplete ingenious monotonous terrain
deposit innovation negotiate trait
designate intimidate remote transform
desperate jovial resolute transport
deteriorate knack restrain treacherous
dialogue leeway retaliate unanimous
diligent legislation retrieve unique
diminish leisure rigorous unruly
discretion liberate rural urban
dissent likeness salvage vacate
dissolve linger sanctuary verdict
distinct literal siege verge
diversity loathe significant vibrant
domestic lure solar vital
dominate majority soothe vow
drastic makeshift stationary yearn



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