Vocabulary – Class 6 – List 1

abandon boycott eerie habitat prejudice
abundant burden effect hazardous preliminary
access campaign efficient hoax preserve
accommodate capacity elaborate hostile primitive
accumulate capital eligible objective priority
adapt chronological elude obstacle prominent
adhere civic encounter omniscient propel
agony clarity equivalent onset prosecute
allegiance collaborate erupt optimist prosper
ambition collide esteem originate protagonist
ample commend evolve painstaking provide
anguish commentary exaggerate paraphrase provoke
anticipate compact excel parody purchase
anxious composure exclude pedestrian pursue
apparel concise expanse perish quest
appeal consent exploit persecute recount
apprehensive consequence extinct petrify refuge
arid conserve extract plummet reinforce
arrogant conspicuous factor portable reluctant
awe constant former possess remorse
barren contaminate formulates poverty visible
beacon context fuse precise visual
beneficial continuous futile predicament vivid
blunder eclipse generate predict wilderness
boisterous economy genre prefix withdraw



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