Vocabulary – Class 5

absurd challenge evade major retire
abuse character exasperate miniature revert
access combine excavate minor route
accomplish companion exert mischief saunter
achievement compassion exhibit monarch seldom
aggressive compensate exult moral senseless
alternate comply feeble myth sever
altitude compose frigid narrator slither
antagonist concept gigantic navigate sluggish
antonym confident gorge negative soar
anxious convert guardian nonchalant solitary
apparent course hazy numerous solo
approximate courteous hearty oasis sparse
aroma crave homonym obsolete spurt
assume debate identical occasion strategy
astound decline illuminate overthrow suffix
available dedicate immense pardon suffocate
avalanche deprive impressive pasture summit
banquet detect independent realistic suspend
beverage dictate industrious reassure synonym
bland document intense reign talon
blizzard duplicate intercept reliable taunt
budge edible jubilation require thrifty
bungle endanger kin resemble translate
cautiously escalate luxurious retain tropical



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