Technology Assessment

The processes of technology assessment and refinement are as important as the technology generation prior to transfer at the field level.

  • During the reported period, 2,652 technology interventions were assessed across 4,003 locations by laying out 27,008 trials on the farmers’ fields.
  • Women specific income generation technologies (205) related to technological empowerment of rural women were assessed at 394 locations covering 2,917 trials under the thematic areas.
  • Technological interventions (39) in 43 locations were refined through 398 trials on livestock, poultry and fisheries under the thematic areas, viz., disease management, feed and fodder management, nutrition management and production and management.
  • In all, 228.75 lakh quality planting materials of elite species of different crops were produced and provided to 18.38 lakh farmers. Bio-agents, bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers, vermi-compost, mineral mixture, etc. were produced and supplied to the extent of 16,406 quintals benefiting 9.39 lakh farmers.
  • Kisan Mobile Advisory (KMA), an initiative by the ICAR, sent 93,949 short text messages, 14,788 voice messages and 1,180 both SMS and voice messages to benefit 223.94 lakh farmers on various aspects of agriculture based on input provided by 557 KVKs.


Bibliography : India Year Book ( PUBLICATIONS DIVISION – GOI )



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