Agricultural Education

For maintaining and upgrading quality and relevance of higher agricultural education, financial and monitoring support was provided for Niche Area of Excellence (28), Experiential Learning Units (21 new), besides refurbishing and maintenance of educational structures, student and faculty amenities, course curricula revision/improvement, strengthening of libraries with ICT and modernization of teaching with multimedia learning resources.

HRD programmes/ activities facilitated promotion and execution of ICAR sponsored schemes that include centralized admissions in UG/PG to reduce inbreeding, infuse merit and promote national integration; award and distribution of fellowships to attract talent and promote merit, admission of foreign students for globalization of agriculture education, capacity building of faculty through summer-winter schools and Centre of Advanced Faculty training, National Professorial Chairs and National Fellow Scheme for promotion of excellence, Emeritus Scientist Scheme as a structural method of utilizing skill bank of the outstanding superannuated professionals.


Bibliography : India Year Book ( PUBLICATIONS DIVISION – GOI )



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