Soil And Water Productivity

Land resource inventory on 1:10,000 scale was prepared taking Landscape Ecological Unit (LEU) consisting of landforms, land use and slope as the base map while bio-climatic map of India was revised.

Electronic atlas of water resources developed for Odisha and Himachal Pradesh, is a useful tool for catch assessment and developing GIS based Decision Support System. The information will help planners to concentrate efforts, allocate resources and deploy manpower according to the distribution of fishery resources.

Bamboo plantation-based bio-engineering interventions were found promising for reclamation and productive utilization of major ravines namely –

  • Mahi ravines at Vasad (Gujarat),
  • Chambal ravines at Kota (Rajasthan), and
  • Yamuna ravines at Agra (Uttar Pradesh).

These interventions could absorb more than 80 per cent of rainfall and reduce the soil and nutrient losses by 90 and 70 per cent, respectively.

Foliar sprays with various chemicals were evaluated to mitigate dry spells during crop growing season across diverse rain-fed agro-ecologies. Plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria and Arthrobacter were isolated, characterized and field evaluated in vertisols of Madhya Pradesh; average yield of wheat due to actinomycetes inoculation was 16 per cent higher over control. Shortlisted Arthrobacter isolates effectively improved yield of maize and soya-bean.

A soil nitrogen test based fertilizer prediction model for targeted yield in Nagpur Mandarin was developed. Integrated farming system (1 ha) model comprising cropping systems (0.52 ha) + horticulture (0.32 ha) + dairy including bio-gas and vermicompost unit (0.08 ha) + fish-cum-poultry (0.1 ha) + mushroom developed in western Himalayas, provided round the year improved production (21.52 tonnes REY (rice equivalent yield)/ year), profit ( 3.06 lakh/year) and employment (731 man days/year).


Bibliography : India Year Book ( PUBLICATIONS DIVISION – GOI )



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