National Policy For Farmers

Government of India approved the National Policy for Farmers (NPF) in 2007.

The Policy provisions, inter alia, include –

  • asset reforms in respect of land, water, livestock, fisheries, and bio-resources;
  • support services and inputs like application of frontier technologies;
  • agricultural bio-security systems;
  • supply of good quality seeds and disease-free planting material, improving soil fertility and health, and integrated pest management systems;
  • support services for women like creches, child care centres, nutrition, health and training;
  • timely, adequate, and easy reach of institutional credit at reasonable interest rates, and farmer-friendly insurance instruments;
  • use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and setting up of farmers’ schools to revitalize agricultural extension;
  • effective implementation of MSP across the country, development of agricultural market infrastructure, and rural non-farm employment initiatives for farm households;
  • integrated approach for rural energy, etc.

Many of the provisions of the NPF are being operationalised through various schemes and programmes which are being implemented by different central government departments and ministries.

For the operationalisation of the remaining provisions of the Policy, an Action Plan has been finalized and circulated to the ministries and department concerned, as well as to all states and UTs for necessary follow-up action.

An inter-ministerial committee has also been constituted to monitor the progress of the Plan of Action for the operationalisation of the NPF.


Bibliography : India Year Book ( PUBLICATIONS DIVISION – GOI )



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