Indian Agricultural Production

Due to the deficient rainfall as well as unseasonal rains and hailstorms, agricultural production in 2014-15 was lower than that in 2013-14, a year of record production.


As per the fourth Advance Estimates for 2014-15,

  • Total production of rice in the country is estimated at 104.80 million tonnes which is lower by 1.85 million tonnes than the production of rice during 2013-14.
  • Production of wheat estimated at 88.94 million tonnes is also lower than its record production of 95.85 million tonnes during 2013-14.
  • The production of coarse cereals is estimated at 41.75 million tonnes which is lower than the production of coarse cereals during 2013-14.
  • Total food-grains production is estimated at 252.68 million tonnes which is lower by 12.36 million tonnes than the record production of 265.04 million tonnes of food-grains achieved during 2013-14.
  • Total production of pulses and oil-seeds estimated at 17.20 million tonnes and 26.68 million tonnes respectively are also lower by 2.05 million tonnes and 6.07 million tonnes than their production levels during 2013-14.


Bibliography : India Year Book ( PUBLICATIONS DIVISION – GOI )



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