How To Read India Year Book (IYB)?

India Reference Annual brought out by Publications Division, is a comprehensive and authentic reference annual encompassing all aspects of the development activities of the Government of India –

  • from rural to urban,
  • industry to agriculture,
  • finances to infrastructure,
  • art and culture,
  • science and technology,
  • human resources development, and
  • mass communication.

It also includes diary of important events, brief note on the states and Union Territories, constitutional amendments and many other aspects of polity, etc.

There is an exclusive chapter introducing Indian States/UTs with their vital statistics, viz. population, polity, land and people etc.

The Publications Division under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India brings out IYB annually, normally released around Feb/March. It is available in English and Hindi versions.

The books have 1000+ pages and contains a large amount of data, facts and figures. Most questions in various public service examinations are based on this book. The question arises, how to read this book effectively?

  • India year book is a bulky book and should not be read from page one to last page, i.e., DO NOT READ IYB IN LINEAR FASHION.
  • The chapter of the book should be divided into sections as shown in figure below.
  • Now start reading the topics from the book section-wise in decreasing order of importance.




India Year Book

Publications Division – GOI




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