Infrastructure : Definition And Its Role In Area Development

According to World Book Dictionary the term “infrastructure” denote the essential elements forming the basis of a system or a structure.

  • Infrastructure covers the resources, which strengthen the basis of the economy of a country.
  • Better infrastructural services including transportation (railways, roads, ports, civil aviation etc.), communication (telecommunication and post); and electricity transmission and distribution boost the growth of a nation.

Infrastructural resources always becomes key elements during preparation of a plan for area development. Quality infrastructure, covering the services of transportation, electricity transmission and distribution, communication, water supply and sanitation, and solid waste management is one of the most important necessities for unleashing high and sustained growth and alleviating poverty, particularly in the backward state. It works as a nerves of the economy of a country.

By providing these infrastructural services an undeveloped or underdeveloped area can be developed. An area planner always keep in mind appropriateness and balance between different services of infrastructure in an area.

Transport, communication and trade are important infrastructural services. They facilitate agriculture and industry to grow to their fullest potential.

  • Transport carries the people and goods from one place to another. It helps both the production, distribution as well as consumption processes.
  • Communication is the process of receiving and sending messages between two persons or agencies located at different places. Radio and Television are the means of mass-communication which provide information, news and entertainment to the people spread over vast distances. Telephone and telegraph services bring the people closer to one another. Their contribution in promoting business and trade is incalculable.
  • Trade involves exchange of goods among people living in different regions or countries of the world. It plays a vital role in accelerating the progress of agriculture and industry of a country.


Bibliography : NIOS Geography Book



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