Petro-Chemicals Industry

Petro-chemicals industry is one of the fastest growing industries of India. This industry has revolutionised the industrial scene by providing the products which are substituting the traditional raw materials like wood, glass and metals. Its products meet various needs of the people at the low-cost.

Petro-chemicals are derived from petroleum or natural gas.

We use a variety of products from morning till evening made from petrochemicals Toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, hairpins, soap cases, plastic mugs, garments, ball point pens, detergents, electric switches, lipstick, insecticides, bags, bed covers, and foam are some of the goods made from petro-chemicals.

India is self-sufficient in the production of petrochemicals.

  • Indian Petro-Chemical Corporation has set up a huge petro-chemical complex near Vadodara producing a wide range of products.
  • Besides Vadodara, Gandhar, and Hazira in Gujarat and Nagathone in Maharashtra are other important centres of petro-chemical industry.

Crude oil has no value unless it is refined, while refining crude oil, thousands of products like kerosene, diesel, lubricants and raw material for petro-chemical industry are derived.

India has at present 18 refineries. These refineries are at –

  • Digboi, Bongaigaon, Nunamati (All are in Assam),
  • Mumbai (two) (Maharashtra),
  • Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh),
  • Barauni (Bihar),
  • Koyali (Gujarat),
  • Mathura (U.P.),
  • Panipat (Haryana),
  • Kochi (Kerala),
  • Mangalore (Karnataka) and
  • Chennai (Tamil Nadu).
  • Jamnagar (Gujarat) – the only private oil refineries belongs to Reliance Industries Ltd.


Bibliography : NIOS Geography Book



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