Industrial Development

The processing of natural resources into more useful items is called manufacturing.

Manufactured goods are finished products derived from the raw materials. These raw materials used in manufacturing industry may be either in their natural form such as cotton, wool, iron ore etc. or may be in the semi processed form like cotton yarn, pig iron etc. which can further be used for making more useful goods. Thus the finished product of one industry may serve as the raw material for another industry.

Economic development cannot be achieved by a country without developing its industries. There is a direct relationship between the level of industrial development and the economic prosperity of a country. Developed countries like the USA, Japan, Russia owe due to their prosperity to highly developed industries. Industrially less developed countries export their natural resources and import finished goods at higher prices and continue to remain economically backward.

In India manufacturing industries contributed about 30 per cent of the gross domestic product. These industries provide employment to about 28 million people. Thus industries are a major source of national income and employment.


Bibliography : NIOS Geography Book



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