Disasters in India

Humans have been coping with natural disasters since time immemorial. There are so many disaster which can not be controlled by human intervention. They are destined to bring their tragic consequences of human destruction.

Due to human intervention in the natural processes, the destructive power and frequency of natural disasters have increased considerably.

According to U N statistics, natural disasters kill 1,00,000 persons on an average and cause property damage of Rs 20,000 crores world wide per year.

Among the top ten natural disaster-prone countries, India stands second after China.Therefore, there is a need for creating awareness among all sections of the people about it’s causes, consequences as well as preventive measures so that they can handle as an individual, and as a members of society.

India is struggling with disasters from many years. How can we forget the day when killer waves (tsunami) struck the coastal parts of India on 26th December 2004 or the morning of 26th January 2001, when western part of India was badly affected by earthquake. These are just few examples. We always listen such kind of news in print or electronic media that one part of India is affected by flood where as another faces drought.

Due to vulnerability of different kinds of disasters, it is said that India is a disaster prone country, the reasons are –

  1. Over 55% of the land area is vulnerable to earthquakes
  2. 12% is flood prone
  3. 8% is vulnerable to cyclones
  4. 70% of the land under cultivation is drought prone


Bibliography : NIOS Geography Book


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